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Eat, Play, Love 2017
6.7 of 23

Eat, Play, Love

HD 6.10 83 min
Veterinarian Dr. Carly Monroe returns to her hometown of Long Lake, Minnesota to take over the family vet business from her grandfather, Dr. Isaac Monroe. One of the major on-going clients of the business is Friends Forever, the local dog shelter run jointly by sister and brother, Michelle and Dan Landis. While Michelle is Carly's best friend in town, Dan was Carly's high school sweetheart. Despite having had other boyfriends since, Carly has never married in feeling like no other man has ever made her feel the way Dan did. Upon seeing Dan, those old feelings arise for Carly. Dan, however, is now dating another of their high school colleagues, Kristi Waters. Kristi, an on air reporter for the local television station, was vain and entitled then, and is vain and entitled now. Kristi and Dan co-host a weekly Friday segment on the news where he is known as Dan the Dog Man, they featuring one dog at the shelter up for adoption. While Dan has a natural ability to match a dog up for adoption to the person who eventually adopts it, Kristi hates dogs, she all smiles on air while she holds the dog, the exact opposite once the cameras turn off. Carly, with Michelle's help, hope that Carly's return will also reignite those old feelings in Dan in their joint dislike of Kristi and feeling she is not the right woman for Dan, something that he doesn't seem to be able to see despite his ability to see such things for his dogs. The situation changes when Kristi announces that she and Dan are not only engaged, but that she has a new job in New York City meaning that they will be moving, Dan leaving Michelle to run the shelter on her own, which was not the agreement she and Dan had made as Michelle had other plans for her own life. This news makes Carly and Michelle's resolve more urgent as they only have thirty days until Kristi and Dan leave for good. The one thing mild mannered Carly is unwilling to do is to come right out and tell Dan how she feels about him, the two who everyone else knows are in love with each other even if neither of the two who will admit it to themselves or each other. Meanwhile, one of Dan's latest dogs up for adoption is Prince who has two interested adopters: Isaac himself, and Rita Gilbert. But what may be of equal interest for Isaac and Mrs. Gilbert besides Prince is each other, which they are more willing to acknowledge than Carly and Dan are about their feelings.


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